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In English
Date 20.-23.07.2006
Location Vihtijärvi, Vihti (Southern Finland, 57km from Helsinki)
Organizer Chairborne
Age limit
  • Under 15 years not allowed
  • Younger than 15 years old only via Chairborne BootCamp
  • Permission from guardian required from players under 18
Participation fee
  • 30€, when paid beforehand
  • Players that have been to BootCamp pay 25€
  • If paid after 1st June, an additional 15€is required
  • No fee for civilians
  • Conscripts' fee 20€. Conscript ID required!
  • The fees cover the costs of the game
  • The fee includes for example two warms meals, accomondation in tent and an armband for team identification.
Player limit
  • 600 players, excluding civilians and and game staff
  • UN controlled PFOR-troops, Salkkari peninsula National Guard established by UN, Nallestania and Tuoppia; the main parties of the conflict and local civilians
  • Teams are identified by armbands, which the players can keep after the game
Last day of registration with regular fee Thursday, 1st of July 2006


PFOR5 is the fifth part in the PFOR series of airsoft games.The PFOR-games emphasize on experiences and acting. They are best described as light milsims.

PFOR-series is situated at the fictional peninsula of Salkkari. The simulated situation is fictional as well. The main parties in this game are the rivalries Nallestania and Tuoppia, PFOR (UN Peacekeeping Force formed from a multitude of nations), UN sponsored Civil guard and the civilians. There might be other parties as well, depending on the events during the game.

The game takes place at Chairborne's private gaming field in Vihti, Southern Finland between 20th and 23rd July 2006.

The game lasts 40 hours straight, with no breaks in the middle. The game utilizes medics, who have the ability to lenghten players' time on the field by "healing wounds". Eliminated players will respawn. The complete event lasts 93 hours at most.

The PFOR-events have always been the largest and most popular ones in Finland. The first event took place in the winter 2002. Previous event, PFOR4 had nearly 800 egistered players coming from around Finland. The game itself had 552 participants, making it the biggest event until now in Finland of this type.

Formerly the PFOR-events have had no restricions on the age or number of participants. This time the age limit is 15 and the maximum number of participants is 500 (excluding civilians and game staff). All players under 18 are required to bring permission to enter from a guardian.

During the game parties have different kind of tasks to perform in addition to for example guard duties.

The language used in the game is Finnish. This is the only part of the site to be translated to English.

As the game's emphasize on experiences and acting, partly tight limitations on gear and quite slow speed of gameplay may suggest, this is no regular "search and destroy" -type of event. Players may not get to shoot a single shot at the opponents. This definately is not the event for players looking for speed and excitment from airsoft. Players who are not certain they can manage a game like this are asked no to take part, thus making room for others, who enjoy this kind of event.

Questions and possible enrollments, either in English or in Finnish, should be directed to address

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